She I Dare Not Name: A Spinster’s Meditations on Life

Allen & Unwin, March 2020.

A compelling memoir about the single life and the courage to live alone in a world made for couples and families.

Astonishing. Luminous. A book about being human.

She I Dare Not Name is a compelling collection of fiercely intelligent, deeply intimate, lyrical reflections on the life of a woman who stands on the threshold between two millennia. Both manifesto and confession, this moving memoir explores the meaning and purpose Donna Ward discovered in a life lived entirely without a partner and children.

Rippling through these pages is the way a spinster—or a bachelor, or any of us for that matter—contends with the prejudice and stigma of being different.

Funny, sharp, wise and wry. ‘…the book is a sheer delight… Donna Ward is one of those rare creatures—a writer who can actually write.’ Phillip Adams, social commentator, author.

Reading She I Dare Not Name is like encountering a place of total stillness in a world of incessant, incoherent clamour. …it is a remarkable, profound, even necessary book’ James Bradley, author of Clade.

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‘This is a ravishing book, hard to put down yet necessary to do so every few pages in order to think about Ward’s words. …Even people engrossed in family will find it a beautiful interpretation of an intriguing yet rarely studied social category.’ Miriam Cosic, The Weekend Australian

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